*The machines are not available for sale to the general public.  Only licensed practitioners can purchase.

If you are not licensed the order will be cancelled and money refunded, less admin fee.

Cicabel Soft Gun Set

Scientific Medial Grade Skin Care Technology!

Combine the biochip with semiconductor nanotechnology and the high-frequency vibration of the gun. To open more than 10 000 nutrient channels within 15 minutes and deliver the active ingredients through the skin’s stratum corneum below 60-70 microns.  The Cicabel Soft Gun Set has the best in skincare technology.

Why Chose The Cicabel Nano Spa Meso Gun?

  • The gun enables the best permeation available
  • It is 40% more effective than dermal needling
  • It’s painless and none Invasive
  • No need for anesthetic creams

Buy your Cicabel Soft Gun Set now.

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