Purebeau Fibroblast Training

Fibroblast Training

 Training only available with the Purebeau devices

All the devices are manufactured by Purebeau in Germany with CE certificates. Internationally recognized training and unlimited support right here in New Zealand.

Purebeau have an excellent 20 year worldwide reputation in the beauty industry for the highest quality equipment and products and are pioneers in the plasma devices.

The applicators used with the Purebeau devices do not burn down as with other devices using acupuncture needles and therefore retain consistent levels of power.

To get the best results first time every time for your clients without any risk of hyperpigmentation or pitting or scaring. Purebeau is definitely the way to go. Training dates will be advertised on the website and facebook pages.


Fibroblaste traning scheduled for the 25th and 26th of September.

The training will consist of 2 days at the Salon with myself and Jade Aroha

Day 1

Theory Health and safety


Setting up work space

All about the Device

pre and post care

Consent and after care information

Purebeau information


Day 2

Hands on treatments, each student will be taught the small areas for treatments- eyelids, frown lines, upper lip, lower lip, crows feet.

Device will be given with enough supplies to complete 5 treatments. This is followed by 20 hours of probation. The next 20 hours of treatments on friends and family will be sent to myself for assessment. This will allow for critique and praise of your technique.

After the 20 hours of probation, you will be sent your Be Lifted Artist Certificate. This will allow you to apply for insurance and create your own business.

Part two of the training will be available one on one 6 months after you are given your certificate. This will include a weekend at the salon mentored by myself, teaching you the larger areas with the Julie Dawn technique.

This will be followed by another 20 hours of probation with every treatment sent to me for critique and praise. You will then be sent your Julie Dawn intermediate certificate.

Cost for the training is $9800, this includes your device. $6000 to be paid by the end of June to allow thedevice to be purchased in time for the training. Balance to be paid at the training.

Happy to answer any questions

Julie Dawn

Fibroblast Certified Practioner Course

We provide training in New Zealand for using the Purebeau fibroblast machine.

Our course will cover all aspects of using the fibroblast machine, teaching you all the skills required to use the machine confidently.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a recognised  Purebeau certificate.

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